En die kak kom weer..

I'm starting to dread the 1st of each month.

Today it's Spring (officially / unofficially) and I should be skipping through the daffodils (if I could find any!). Instead I've got a decidedly wintery gale-force north-wester about to spatter rain against my window, have had to batten down the hatches outside, and am not looking forward to heading out on the road in a few minutes.

But over and above the dodgy weather, the first of the month (this month, last month, pick a month!) is just plain kak. Squeezing clients to pay their bills, placating those to whom that cash must immediately be transferred to cover expenses, and dealing with whatever automated systems decide to give/take away at the midnight hour of the previous month (in spite of being told otherwise) means I'd rather not wake up on the 1st anymore. Let me sleep until the 2nd, when all the drama is over and life can go on again.

If only....

But "die kak kom weer" without fail every month, and I have to brace myself for it, like it or not.

Talking of which, I'd better sight up my next victim in the firing line and get to it.