Girls in Glasses

"Men seldom make passes at girls in glasses" goes the saying from way back in 1937.

Not just a saying though...

I got my first pair of glasses when I was in grade 3 or so. Shortsighted, I couldn't read the blackboard from the back of the class. I wore them until I was in high school - but "vanity" forced them off my face when I didn't really really need to see things in the distance. I would rather have a blurry world than wear them and look silly. When I started working, they became a hinderance - stirring large vats of warm milk to make cheese would mist them up - so I put them away and went "blind". I'd still haul them out for things like movies... or I used to until I went on a date with a very sexy bloke and had to choose between seeing the movie and snogging him...! Snogging won. But that night I decided it was time to investigate contact lenses.

I've been wearing contact lenses for many many years now. At one of my annual lens renewals, there was a special offer to get the appropriate glasses to your prescription free - and I took it up. So I have a pair of glasses that have been lying around for "just in case".

Well "just in case" is today. I've had trouble with the contact lenses lately and my eyes need a break from them for a bit. I'm not fond of the things - the optrician who had them made asked if I worked much with computers. When I said yes, he made sure they were computer-friendly: they're thicker on the outer edges than in the middle. But this means when you turn your head the whole perspective on the world changes like a fish-eye lens and it can make you rather sea-sick! They're also not very large lenses, so going down stairs gets interesting. You end up choosing between the "geez, I'm tall!" clear glasses view or the "geez, I'm short!" unclear view just under the lenses at foot level.

I think I'm used to them sorta now after a day's wear, but doing so has brought back all sorts of memories and personal perceptions. When I have my glasses on, it's like there's a wall between me and the world. One of my best assets - my eyes (once was told they're my only good asset and it's stuck...) - is hidden away. I'm one of the "girls in glasses who don't get passes". I feel mousey and shy, and it's back to that high school "outsider" feeling too. Not one of the cool kids, you're the geeky arty chick who blends into the background out on the edges. It's harder to put on make-up (mascara brushes up against the glass) and look good - or feel good.

Yup, all that from some wire and glass perched on the bridge of my nose and hooked behind the ears.

Weird, hey?

I know there are those who can pull of the sexy librarian look with ease. Who actually look better with their glasses on than off. Who gain a confidence and authority that matches a bit of austere eyewear.

Me - I'm not one of them. Not yet, anyway.