Global Warming vs The Recession

This story came my way today and had me thinking pretty hard.

Yes, it's quite a shocker. The fact that the shipping industry is in such dire straits, added to the poor bottom-of-the-rung workers this will only hit in 2 years, added to... well there's a whole lot of bad news there.

Been sneaking in an Oprah show or two while making supper lately too. And she's also on about the recession, scrimping and saving, being thrifty, and watching where your money is stored. She's got experts from here until kingdom come to help us along the way.

There was an interesting show on a little while ago about the tent cities springing up as people try and survive a sudden lack of income. Treehugger has a piece on Transition Towns too - people who are finding new (or old?) ways to cope - paring down, foraging and planting their own food, cutting back on the electrics and electronics...

And here's where Global Warming hits the picture.

Step back from all the bad news, add in a pinch of the other bad news - and what do you get?

And entire planet that has basically ground to a halt, has cut their pollution because they can't afford to drive / run a tanker / keep the lights on all night. There are less commuters thanks to jobs disappearing. Families are rediscovering alternative entertainment in the great outdoors as opposed to the latest and greatest gadgetry. And those planting their own backyard (or balcony!) farms have started re-greening what was once simply cement and stone. People are rediscovering what our grandparents knew - how to can vegetables and bake bread and mend things and make things.

In short - suddenly there's a lot less pressure on our environment to sustain a techo-industrial lifestyle.

So I have to ask - could this worldwide recession actually be the best way of fighting global warming (or global destruction if you believe global warming is a myth / natural cycle)? It's one we could never have dreamt up as a solution, and certainly not something you could get millions to do in a hurry.

I dunno, just thinking...