National Fall-Off-Roof Day

While the rest of South Africa was celebrating National Braai Day (or Heritage Day if you're so inclined), Some of us were Working. As in us three, at this place again:

Technically, it was a case of "not inside, it's on TOP!". See that little ledge to the right of the building? Favourite Man hung out there in a rather fresh north-wester today, running cable down the side of the building. And quite literally hung out with a rope tied to his waist while the other two of us watched in fear and trembling.

And then he did ballet on top of the wall you see above it - the one that heads across the top of the building toward our antenna. Again, running cable.. until he stepped into space. For one heart-stopping moment his foot went through the top of the wall where the local "handyman" hadn't done his job fixing a hole - and it was nearly a plunge 6 storeys down.

There are some jobs that are horrible. There are some that are dangerous. This one was both - and I can't put into words how happy I am it didn't turn out terrible frightening fatal.

We do have to go back again tomorrow - and this time that hole is not going to cause a heart-attack. It's getting closed up properly, like it should have been the first time.

Should "handyman" show his face, a snotklap may be in order...