Flamero's Chicken Grill

I owe a take-away place a good review - and Flamero's deserves this one!  Especially after last weekend's disastrous Steers trip.

On Craniac's recommendation, Favourite Man, the Kid and I headed out a little further than we normally do in the quest for a Decent Take-Away.  It had been a long hard working day and waiting for / slaving over stoves for supper wasn't looking like an option.  So off down Main Road toward Strand we went and gingerly approached Flamero's Chicken Grill - call it fear of the unknown, if you will.  With one and a half vegetarians and carnivore on the prowl, we were holding thumbs it would be worth it.

After thoroughly perusing the menu, Favourite Man decided on a beef burger and chips, while I went for the veggie pita and the kid thought he'd manage a double portion of spicy chips.

Much to our surprise, the food was ready in minutes, and for all three of us came in under R100.  Back in the Landy, Favourite Man was initially sceptical... saying he "wasn't impressed" with what he saw and asking if there was a "back-up plan" for supper, just in case.

But lo and behold, once we were back home, seated and tucking in silence reigned supreme as we munched and munched.. and munched.

Truth is, the portions are more than decent, the food is delicious and only picky Kid wasn't happy that the chips didn't taste like Mike's (our usual chippie on the Main Rd).  Chips actually had a distinctive nutmeg hint to the spice, unlike the more curry-ish one the other guys chuck on.

Proof of how good their food is?

Well Favourite Man OFFERED to go get more of it on the way home from a job today.  This time he went for the Cheesy Chicken burger - and was again very muchly impressed.  It's big, it fills the entire takeaway box.  I had a craving for coleslaw once more, so veggie pita repeat performance it was.  It's one of the few pitas I've had that doesn't completely fall apart, in spite of being filled with a decent amount of mayonnaise-drenched salady type things.  (Actual ingredients are cabbage, lettuce, tomato, grated cheese, pineapple pieces, what may be either green peppers or spring onions, and mayo - as far as I can tell)

So here's a big thumbs-up to Flamero's.  They'll be seeing us again.  And again.  And again.


Deems said...

Glad you found a place that suits pocket and hunger :)

craniac said...

There's only one problem with Flameros. They are closed on Sundays and you're making me lus for a chicken burger late on Saturday night. :-(