I've just realized that it's the last month of summer, and my legs have not seen the sun YET AGAIN this year.  That makes around 5 years of lily-white I think - and no, I'm not posting pics, or I'd blind the lot of you.

I spend my working life in jeans, and as work is about all I do, I have a lovely "farmer's tan" on my arms and other exposed bits, while the legs literally glow in the dark.  Eish.  Even gardening in snatched moments of free time is done full-length, as my garden is still at the hack-and-chainsaw stage of clearing that requires protective clothing, and nowhere near the gentle maintenance point where one can drift around in a summer frock and admire the blooms and blossoms and bees.

The last time I put on shorts half our network went down in horror a few minutes later, and I had to revert to jeans to go sort it out... :-)  So no, no shorts, short skirts or other leg-exposing things for me.

Maybe next year?