Mini Clubhead

I'm breeding a total clubhead. Scary, but true.

I was never really into the club/trance music scene, but lately have found it more and more tolerable, likeable, and some of it just plain lekker! (an Afrikaans word for nice, deeevine, delicious, great - generally interchangeable for anything that's good, and sprinkled liberally throughout any South African's daily language). However, I'm picky about what I do and don't like, and won't just take anything that comes along. I've always liked songs that are "crafted" instead of just "mixed" - like Faithless's "Insomnia".

I've been trawling the internet for an old favourite of mine, the club mix from a few years ago of "Oh Fortuna" from Carmina Burana, but can't find it anywhere. In my search though I found a video clip from something called "Sensation White 2004" - you can see/download it here (Windows Video file, +/- 9MB). ("Sensation Black 2004" is here, but I don't like it quite as much as the other one, simply for the music in the clip). It's apparently an annual massive dance party/event/rave in the Netherlands, themed either black or white, and everyone dresses appropriately (all 35,000 of them!). DJ's, special effects and laser lighting are the order of the day.

Being a sucker for big events, awesome lighting and such, I just HAD to download it - and take it home for my son to see. You see, he's developing into a definite mini-clubhead. He loves a lot of the club/trance stuff, but also the well-crafted things and not the general club-mixed junk floating around. He got his first burnt CD last year, filled with "acid" tracks I'd found here and there. (His friend, the one who talks so much, was not impressed - and I'm pretty sure his parents weren't either!).

Well, we played it and drooled. When that kid is old enough we're off to just such an event, if we can find one. Simply for the experience. I'm pretty sure we'll both have a ball!