When Technology Matters

Here I am, happily assigning my new students their student numbers - and someone walks in to tell me I'm working on the "old system" that no-one else will ever access again. Pity I wasn't informed! (I'm convinced there's a brain-drain of both logical thinking and communication skills that happens as one enters the campus. Both are seriously lacking here.)

Seems the new system is only up on one computer. No-one can connect to it via a second computer, and the only solution they could come up with was that I need to register students on paper in my office, run across the building to their office, register them there and assign a student number, then run back to do it for one of the other 150 students again!

No way. Not doing that.

However, I'm the only one assigning new numbers, so we've come up with a plan. I'll use the last assigned number, carry on assigning from there, then go enter a batch on the sole computer during a quiet spot between students. Until they get the link up and running...

It's little disasters like this that make registration a real pain in the butt sometimes. That and the fact that no-one seems to bother planning in advance, but prefer to rush around at the last minute stamping out fires!