Does Feng Shui Actually Work?

Earlier this year, just for the heck of it, I set up my office along Feng Shui principles. Something red on the south side, crystal on the north, all that stuff.

I'm starting to wonder if it works. And if I should change my cynical stance to one of believer!

You see, this year our finances have come right. I haven't done anything really different, but they've been more than adequate. We haven't gone short on food, or had to scrape a barrel to make do, or go into debt. I've been gradually able to get the credit card out of the seriously-red, and even "upgrade our lives" by investing in more than just essentials every month (like 2-ply toilet paper and not-the-cheapest margarine!). I've been able to donate where I see a need, or sponsor a school fund-raiser, and afford to have the car sorted out.

In addition to the finances, things have been less stressful at work. There's still the same insanity, pressure and junk flowing around, but it seeps past my door instead of under it.

I've gotten more done here, I've learnt a lot, I've had an ongoing peace in spite of some pretty big things happening.

And there's change in a lot of different aspects of my life - positive change!

OK, I know it's stupid to think it's all thanks to a re-arranging of objects in the office, a crystal here and there and a desk facing a different direction.

But still - it can't ALL be co-incidence. Can it?