Resolution Broken

I wasn't going to blog again until I had heard re the job, as in whether I'll get it or not. But to heck with resolutions - right?:)

It's strange, I'm going from "definitely will" to "definitely won't" on this one. I know I can do the work, but am not sure what my competition is like. If my communicaiton skills are better, I'm in. If he has more web design experience, he's in. If they can see my potential and give me a chance, I'm in. If they would rather go for proven abilities, he's probably in (though I have no idea what he's done). If they look at the current site I'm responsible for - I'm OUT! :) But the new one is almost ready to go, and still on track for an upload on Friday. The current one has had a mini-spring-clean in certain areas too.

I just wish I knew already.

If it's a yes, then one huge plan of action goes into effect - finding a new home, changing postal addresses (deciding whether to get a box at the post office or use a street address wherever I'll be living, which would have to be changed whenever I move), writing that letter of resignation (yay!) and handing it in, planning the weekend's clean-up-and-pack (extra-long weekend for me, with both Monday and Tuesday off, so lots of time to do things), as well as potting the roses, bulbs and other bits I want to take with. Yup, I plan WAY ahead of events - whether they actually happen or not...!

Silly me.

If it's a no, well - that gives more time to work on the site here, build up skills and experience, learn new things and perhaps try for another job elsewhere. Having not told anyone really, I won't have to "unspread" the news. But I will be disappointed.

So here I sit - hardly daring to go to the loo in case I miss that call.

I wish they'd phone already! They did say Tuesday, latest. And there's only one hour of Tuesday (as such) left...