Morbid Fascination

If I haven't turned you off reading this blog yet, you may about to be.

A year ago (1 August 2004), my beautiful lap-dog Spinney died. I buried her near my house in a large field, under a pine tree where she used to love to run.

And lately I've had this urge to dig her up and see what a year's decomposition on a dog looks like. Will she just be bones? Will there be half-a-dog left and a bit of fur? Will her eyeballs have melted away? Will it smell awful?

No, I'm not going to indulge in grave-robbing, but I still wonder... I have no idea how long it takes for an animal to "return to the ground", nor how the conditions of the soil/clay where she's buried would have affected her. I know nothing's dug her up (I piled the place high with stones and covered it with heavy branches), so whatever has happened would have been the normal processes of nature. I wonder whether the tree she's buried under has grown thanks to the nutrients she provided.

Morbid hey?

You can move on now. Nothing to see here, folks (be thankful!).