Amadeus - the Final Installment

Saturday afternoon we made a quick trip to go check up on Amadeus, the baby Barn Owl. I'm really glad we did - he's being released this week! Back to the "wild", ie a nesting box with the older owl in a security village.

Here's a vid of him (I'm sure I took more than 10 seconds, but it didn't end up on the camera!)

While there, we saw a few other rescues - a Cape Eagle Owl (we have a pair near our house) and a Yellow-Billed Kite.

I'm really glad Amadeus has not only survived, but thrived! He seems to "recognize" the small sound I made to comfort him when in my care - leaning forward and blinking but not hissing. He looks so different to that 3-day old chick we handed over!

Here's to a brilliant future as he sweeps through the night sky on white wings. Eventually.