The thing about dreams... this:

Very often they start small, but they grow easily to fill a massive space in the imagination as they gather momentum and facets. And when one dies, instead of the small hole a dream would initially have left - there's a big empty space!

But here's the thing - just think how many more dreams have room to grow in that space! It's like an old, gigantic tree falling over in the jungle. Everything its shade has crowded out before now has a shot at taking it's place. Sometimes a couple of them grow up to fill it - sometimes only one.

A week or so back my DailyOM spoke about imagining your wildest dreams, picturing them, asking for them - but there was one sentance that I saw, which has been niggling me, and which I chose at that time to brush aside. It said "but don't be tied to their outcome". In other words, be flexible enough to both dream big AND change with the flow of life. Don't hang all your hopes on a wish - but be willing to accept with open hands what will come to you, and be thankful for it.

I'm learning that, a little bit at a time. That life is never cut and dried, but takes unexpected turns. Yet there is always the chance for contentment and happiness, if you will but live with open hands, an open mind and an open heart.

In the midst of a withering dream today, I've found that there's still an underlying joy deep within, a knowledge that I'm still heading in the right direction - I just need to accept that I can never plot my course exactly.

Completely freeing perspective! One that needs practice, but good.