More Gadgets!

Yesterday's jaunt with the Italian/Swiss/German family netted a gift on our return. I finally have a watch! :-) (Also netted a bit of practice understanding their languages - the wife's English is not too good, but we coped) It's taking some getting used to having something on my wrist again, but it's a very smart device. I've always like the somewhat masculine timepieces, and this is just that - black and silver, minimal design, functional and comfortable - branded "Diadora", so distinctly Italian-sport. Nice...!

I've also heard I'm getting a (slightly used) GPS for Xmas from a friend. Cool! My gadget list is growing - and all of them both free and slightly second-hand. I'm not at all complaining. I'm not one for the latest and greatest (though I may drool over some of them) - as long as it works well, I'm happy.

So here's to an increase in gadgetry! Woohooo! :-)