Fresh from the earth

Remember my goal of eating fresh stuff, as close to picked as I can manage? And that most of it will come from my own garden? Well there's an apparent alternative!

Where I work there's a whole lot of mixed industry taking place on the rather large property. Recently they planted out a gigantic veggie garden that keeps expanding with more rows of mielies and stuff. And the farm manager makes a point of dropping by with little bags of just-plucked produce to sell nearly every day.

This morning it's spanspek (cantaloupe) and cucumbers. Yesterday it was tomatoes (with STEMS - when last did you see that in the shops?) and green beans. Things seem to be producing at a rate! And selling really cheap.

So it seems I'm going to be able to sort out that goal with a lot more ease than I assumed. It's not going to stop me growing my own goodies, but it will help to get things that I can't grow in my garden thanks to lack of space or wrong soil/light conditions.

Off to buy some spanspek...