Fear ReAction

Ever been so terrified that you feel paralyzed? That your blood drains down to your toes leaving you feeling shaky and pale?

Yup - you know that feeling.

It's like the nightmare of being chased by some unnamed monster, your brain telling you to run, but you can't move. Completely and utterly paralyzing. The only way you can escape is to force yourself to move forward by sheer willpower.

And that's what fear does. Gives you a kick up the butt. Spurs you to action. If you're lucky....

It's the choice you have to make though. You don't just automatically start moving and running down that fear until it's squashed. You can let it rule you, paralyze you, keep your feet in the sucking mud until you sink completely. OR you can take that adrenalin-shot and use it for good. Haul your heart back up from your feet, ram it firmly in place and get going until you're far on the other side of what scares you.

It's not easy, but it's definitely the best - the only real - option.