The way forward

With Olivia sorted (basically), I find myself facing today with a sense that I've taken a deep breath. It's hard to describe. It's as if I once again have space to imagine, dream, plan and do. I can get around to all the things that I've neglected - from looking after my family and home to sorting out the path ahead. There are items on my to-do list that require urgent attention, but at the same time I'm looking forward to having enough time to spend with the people that matter, the ones I love.

Bundled in there is a need to put into practice my "executive decision", and it's not going to be easy. I'll need to get my headspace right and put in a good deal of effort if it's going to work. And I'm determined it has to - yet another incident today has cemented my decision in a big way. Call it a "road sign", a pointer in the right direction.

So I'm by no means going to be slacking off now that I no longer need to rush home, get into my dirtiest clothes and dive under a Land Rover. Life's just going to look a little different as I forge ahead to what I have planned.