Another year older

I'm not one for making a big do of things, but yesterday's birthday was really really great. It started just after midnight with a super prezzie from Favourite Man (accompanied by hugs and kisses and all that good stuff) and hit a high note from then on. Ended it with supper overlooking the Gordons Bay harbour as the sun set in brilliant oranges and pinks - and then a stroll along the quay under a sickle moon. The route home was via the beach, the Xmas lights, and one photo opp for Olivia with all her new lights blazing in the dark. It was filled with good things from one end to the other - love, laughter, happiness, and a Landy that didn't give me any hassles (for a change), just chugged along like she's supposed to :-)

Am I feeling older? Nah... not really. But I do face the year ahead with new determination, courage and hope. I've taken a deep breath, cleared out the mental cobwebs, gathered up rediscovered strength to face the challenges ahead. And there will indeed be challenges. Many of my resolutions are going to take a lot of hard slog, mental clarity and sacrifice to reach what I'm aiming for. But they will be very worth it.

So yup, another year older. Age is just a number, right? :-)