Magnificence, My Arse?

One year ago I laid down a few new resolutions to get to. I'm pleased to report that most of them are fulfilled! A year ago I had no idea what changes would come my way. A year ago I had no idea of the absolute happiness and overwhelming joy I'd start this day with. A year ago I was in such a different place...

The one thing that I've fallen down a little on is the Year of Magnificence. I was off to a good start, but it petered out. I'm better than I was (a LOT better), but not where I'd hoped I'd be. My arse being one of the problems.. ;-) I've yet to get back into the walking routine I had before we moved to our new house. But I've upped the magnificence in so many other areas. I do have a number of goals I'm reaching for, but overall it has indeed been a year of magnificence in so many ways.

Looking ahead, perhaps it's time to make a few more resolutions. There are many private ones that I won't blog, but here are the more public ones:

* I will sort my son out. I've been too close to the situation to see that things have spiralled out of control. I've been feeling too powerless and lost to know how to fix what I can see is wrong. It's taken some clear-headed outside perspectives to show me that I've stuffed up as a parent. With new challenges in the form of home-schooling and personal growth ahead, I need to take control of this situation and deal with it, thoroughly and properly.

* I will not be afraid to dream big. Nor to jump for those dreams in spite of the chasm between me and them. The dreaming is easy - the jumping is not. This year I will leap in faith, leap with the knowledge that I am enough to achieve those dreams.

* I will continue to live with open hands - not clinging to material possessions, willing to let go, willing to ditch everything I own if it means I'm step closer to a goal. I know what is required, I will carry on walking the path I need to and up my game considerably.

* I will continue to add to my skills, passions and interests. This past year has been a learning curve as I tackled Olivia and discovered the wonders of mechanics, welding, decent soldering, basic electrics, metal work and so very much more. It's opened up a whole lot of things to explore and dig deeper into. I've changed careers, I've been "published" as a writer, I've found the love of my life.. :-) (yeah, just had to throw that one in somewhere). This year I want to delve deeper into things I enjoy and rack up both skill and knowledge.

* I will live fully, love fully, get my hands dirty in rich experience. No sitting on the sidelines and watching life go by. I'll take the risks to suck the marrow out of life, regardless. It's SO worth it.

So that's this year's list, in brief. The behind-the-scenes things may need to be noted in a real paper journal for reference.

But hey - retirement approaches! :-) Let's see what I can accomplish while I'm still young enough to do so.