It hardly feels like it's started, but my brief holiday between 2007 and 2008 is nearly gone. The days have flown by, with my wish-to-do-list languishing. All the things I'd like to do, planned to do, they're simply being carried over - I'm not pushing it.

But you know what? Sometimes you need to ignore the wishlist, the plans, the busyness - and simply rest. I've been in desperate need of it. Of some blank time without having to rush from task to task, duty to duty, crisis to crisis. A bit of space to try find my soul and passions again, the enjoyment of random moments in the day without the mind rushing on to what's up next.

I'm getting there. And not simply through blank nothing days, but rather through rethinking how the busy days run too. Reprioritizing how I do what I do, how I view my days and duties, and how I react to those times when I feel overwhelmed.

So yes, this holiday has come at just the right time for me to take a deep breath ahead of the new year and its challenges. Challenges I know of and those that are likely to spring up and slap me over the head when I least expect it.

It's all about maintaining that quiet pool of inner serenity, the cool deep place to draw from when all around you is desert. And filling it up regularly before it runs dry.