Now that we're down to one dog, we have only one doghouse to manage. And with summer on the way I've been thinking of ways to keep Didi cool.

Once the sun reaches summer height, his part of the yard gets very hot in the morning until about midday. There's a tree shading one corner, but it really doesn't make much difference. His dog house has a tar paper roof and wood sides, which heats up considerably. He tends to spend his days (and apparently recently his nights) under a bench against the wall further down the house.

So what are our options?

1. Roof the back yard. Nope, not going to work - we still need to dry washing there and have an open-air bit. Don't think the body corporate would like anything other than cookie-cutter norm either.

2. Use all those computer fans taken out of equipment Virgin Earth recycles, string them together in a grid, attach a power supply and give him aircon in his roof. Do-able... but not likely to happen. I don't fancy running power out into potential rain and wet.

3. Then there's this. A green roof for dogs. Love it. Can even grow some herbs and veggies on it!

Didi - you're about to become a little closer to nature.. :-)