One month from today I'm going to miss:

* my office chair - at home I perch on a modified side table plus pillows :-) At least it gets me through my work quickly.

* the coffee machine - though I suspect I'll be a lot healthier without it - ditto that free cold drinks fridge

* the view - but the new view will be directly outdoors and not from behind a window frame, which of course will lead to an actual tan this year and/or being very wet when it rains

* peace and quiet - at least first thing in the morning, when I'm the only one here and can plot my day's course without interruption

* the commute - but only because I love seeing the scenery change over the seasons, not because of the traffic or the exorbitant fuel costs

* a regular salary - but not being tied to a desk all day

* weekends - because until my businesses are completely up, running and very profitable, work goes on regardless of the day of the week

Adjusting to a new working environment, setting my schedule (and sticking to it / protecting it with my life) and figuring out the way forward is going to be quite a challenge. But I'm looking forward to it.

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