Third-world bandwidth

I have a new beef... pre-online-vid ads.

Take this for example:

I'm trying to view a snippet of news on the BBC website, but I first have to sit through a compulsory 30 seconds of ad for Egypt. Now I'd love to see Egypt one day, but here in Africa streaming bandwidth is more like drought-year stream flow than a rainy-season flood. It's taking forever to load a few seconds of news video - and having to first load that ad is eating into what's available in a big way.

Here in Africa we also tend to pay by use - some folk sit with a 1GB cap on their monthly allowance. Which makes viewing a 30 second ad all that more irritating when you know it's eating in to what you COULD be doing, using up your precious time and access.

I know those offering up these vids have a living to make - paid advertising is probably working well for them.

But us folk stuck on a third-world connection with bandwidth restrictions could really do without it....