It seems the ANC is coming out on top in this election - which may have some not-too-lekker results, especially considering our next president is blatantly and unapologetically corrupt.

A while back a local Xhosa woman told me she was scared of Zuma coming into power. He's Zulu - and tribal rifts in Africa are still big. She's a single woman who has chosen not to marry or have children, which in Zulu culture is tantamount to declaring yourself a witch with a death-wish. She told me she's scared she'll be killed for not conforming.

This morning a Zimbabwean told me the locals have started today trying to prevent foreigners from buying food. Specifically the locals who are hanging around the intersections looking for work. I've heard that many were promised "free stuff" if they voted for Zuma. The usual political rhetoric too like jobs, houses, food, cars... which Zuma was already saying before voting day "don't expect us to fulfill all the promises we made while campaigning". I fear that if these guys don't get jobs, don't see the free stuff appearing, we're going to end up with violence again like we experienced last year.

I had hoped the change with this vote would be positive. Now I'm not so sure.