The trouble with Random Gardening* is this:

Granadilla plant taking over the washing line and heading toward the neighbours.

Watermelon growing in the middle of the ground cover under the washing line.

Tomatoes producing furiously under the lavender.  Best tasting tomatoes I've had in years.

Avo tree growing mid-ornamentals (not shown - second avo tree struggling along under tomato monster).

And the "official" rosemary bush in a pot trying to outdo them all!  While a pineapple top tries to break through on one side with a peppadew plant on the other.

After a few weeks of heat we've had some awesome rain today - the plants are loving it.

Not shown (yet) is the piece of sprouting ginger due to come up next to the avo, the 3 sprouting potatoes behind the fern that have probably started a new sprouting crop when not harvested, and the masses of Chinese Garlic Chives whose seeds have spread from pot to pot and pot to ground.  Yes, there are a couple of weeds that need my attention, but right now my little patch of soil is abundance personified.  Love it.

*Random Gardening:  the practice of throwing leftover salad, peelings, old potatoes, apple/avo/green pepper etc seeds, fruit offcuts and the scrapings off the veggie chopping board into the garden as "compost".  If it's meant to grow there, it will grow - and how!  If it doesn't germinate, or gets attacked by insect invaders, it wasn't meant to be there / grow near the other thing growing there as a companion plant.


Deems said...

Looking great!